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Comprehensive service of your investment at any stage

We offer the following project management services:

  • Design management resulting in a complete and fully coordinated design of your project. Thanks to our design, your project will surely meet all applicable standards and requirements, whether regulatory, voluntary or customer based

  • Contracting works by carrying out professional and transparent tenders, ensuring competitive bids based on a precisely defined scope of work and clear requirements

  • Contract administration and management with the handling of disputes, progress and financial reporting, as well as order change management

  • Professional site management with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning of the work. Site management includes the control of scope of work, quality, progress as well as safety on site

  • Contract close out supervision

We are able to provide you with a project schedule according to your specific needs and unique project. As a result, we manage your project in a way that reduces risks, prevents construction errors, controls budgets and keeps your project within the planned schedule.


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