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We can help you find the best mortage offer

For the sake of comfort and comprehensive service, together with our partner Amtrust Group we offer you support in obtaining financing for the purchase of your dream property.

Our adviser will:

  • help you select the optimum financial product from among offers provided by 22 banks;
  • explain the differences in particular bids;
  • fill the required documents;
  • help minimize the costs of obtaining a loan;
  • help settle an agreement with the bank;
  • shorten the waiting time for credit decision;
  • provide care and consultation during the entire term of the credit;
  • help you replace the existing credit with a new, cheaper one at another bank or consolidate all repaid credits into one cheaper credit.

Arrange viewing and see few interesting apartments at the same time.

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Call us at +48 22 622 10 10


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